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Meagan Rawlings

Woohoo! I finally got my hands on the Makeup Geek Manny Palette. It has sold out so many times due to the unique colours put together by the super talented YouTuber Manny MUA. These eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, which is kind of surprising considering the low price, $65 for 9 eyeshadows.

This palette immediately caught my eye with the bold red colour called Mars and the foiled eyeshadow called Insomnia which has beautiful green reflects. However, once the palette actually arrived I realized all the colours are perfect with a great balance of mattes, shimmers and foiled shadows, it will be a much used palette in my kit!

Brushes used

XO Beauty Tapered Crease Brush x2

Mac 217 Brush

Zoeva Luxe Pencil Brush

XO Beauty Concealer Brush (for the NARS Eye Paint)

Bobbi Brown Touch Up Brush

Products used

Makeup Geek Manny Palette eyeshadows - Sora, Mars, Aphrodite, Insomnia

NARS Eye paint in Black

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

XO Beauty Shop Lashes in Primadonna

Ardell Lash Glue

Step 1. Make sure your eyelids are prepped with an eye base/ thin layer of foundation and powder.

Step 2. Take Sora on a fluffy crease brush and blend through the crease. This will act as a transition colour for the red to blend into.

Step 3. Take Mars on a smaller crease brush and carefully place this on the outer v and then through the crease, this colour is heavily pigmented so build up the colour slowly. Take care not to take Mars higher than Sora. Add Mars to the inner corners and the rest of the lid, bar a small patch in the centre.

Step 4. Blend the outer edge of Mars out with more Sora and a fluffy blending brush.

Step 5. On another crease brush take Aphrodite and add this to the crease to deepen up the colour. You may need to go back over it with Mars to make sure everything is seamlessly blended.

Step 5. On a synthetic eye brush, apply a layer of NARS Eye paint to the centre of the eyelid. Blend out the edges with a MAC 217 brush.

Step 6. Wet a Bobbi Brown Touch up Brush with Setting spray and coat one side of it with Insomnia. Pat this all over the centre of the lid. Then take a dry small eye brush and pat Insomnia, dry, over the previous layer. Try and disperse the left over product around the edges to blend out.

Step 7. I then took some more Aphrodite to blend the edges of Insomnia out.

Step 8. On a wee brush, coat the bottom waterline with NARS Eyepaint, making sure to get right in between all the lashes.

Step 9. Take Aphrodite on a small pencil brush and press into the edge of the eye paint then blend out. Then take a small a mount of Mars to blend over the edge of Aphrodite.

Step 10. I have used a pigment in the corner of my eye here just to finish it all off. Now apply mascara and lashes. All done! Maybe just do one more blend on all the edges, using bold colours is great but if there's any hard edges it becomes very obvious.