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Tutorials Blog - Makeup by Meags - Meagan Rawlings, Freelance Makeup Artist, Auckland


Meagan Rawlings

Products Used

Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeshadow in Shore

ZOEVA Naturally Yours Palette

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

Brushes Used

XO Beauty Eyeshadow Blender Brush

XO Beauty Tapered Crease Brush

ZOEVA Pencil Brush 230

Bobbi Brown Touch up Brush

Step 1 -  Start by priming your eyelids with Bobbi brown Cream Eyeshadow in Shore to create an even colour.

Step 2 - Using the XO Beauty Eyeshadow Blender Brush Take the colour Soft & Sexy and blend that into the crease and then under the bottom lashes. If you hold the brush flat to your face and use the top edge to apply the shadow under the lower lashline, it blends much easier.

Step 3 - Using the XO Beauty Tapered Crease Brush add the colour Slow Dance in the crease and under the lashes but don't completely cover Soft & Sexy, then take your XO Beauty Eyeshadow Blender Brush and blend over the 2 colours.

Step 4 - Take the Zoeva Pencil Brush with a small amount of Timeless Chic on the brush and place this just in the outer V on your top lid and bring it slightly under the bottom lashes keeping the colour right up close to the lash line. Again go back over everything with your XO Beauty Eyeshadow Blender Brush and a tiny bit of Soft & Sexy to diffuse the colour.

By keeping the darkest colour closest to the lashes you avoid the punched in the face type eyes, plus going back in to blend each layer together keeps it nice and soft. You can keep layering if you want a stronger look.

Step 5 - Using the flat side of the Bobbi Brown Touch Up Brush, pack Pure onto the bare lid by pressing it on. You can use this colour all over the lid up to the crease, if you go too far into the crease colours just blend over the edge again with one of the darker shades. Blending is the key! Finish off with a few decent coats of Mascara and your good to go.

The reason I love using this ZOEVA Palette is that the shadows blend super easily and I love the combination of colours. The price point is pretty good too!

Meags xx