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Tutorials Blog - Makeup by Meags - Meagan Rawlings, Freelance Makeup Artist, Auckland


Meagan Rawlings

When it comes to contouring there are so many different versions, the Kim K one being the most talked about in the beauty world. Personally I think her makeup artists are amazing and she can pull off a mega contoured and highlighted face no problem. My personal style is a much softer and more wearable version.

The tools that you need are;
Zoeva Luxe Cheek Finish Brush
XO Beauty Bronzer Brush
Bobbi Brown Blush Brush (or similar)

The products that I used are;
NARS Laguna Bronzer
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow Palette
Either the highlight powder in the Filmstar Bronze and Glow or my absolute fave - MAC Soft & Gentle

Step 1 - Apply your base. So the more even and flawless you can get your skin first then the easier it will be to contour. Use a primer for a smooth base, foundation, concealer and powder.

Step 2 - Take the XO Beauty Bronzing Brush with some Laguna Bronzer and do little circles up and under the cheek bone and around the edge of the face, use a lot of pressure so your buffing the product in and blending as you go. This is just the first bronzing step so keep this nice and soft.

Step 3 - Take the Zoeva Luxe Cheek Finish Brush with a dusting of Charlotte Tilbury Flimstar Bronze and Glow (the Bronze side),this is what we are going to use to deepen the contour. Having already laid a base down with the other bronzer means when you deepen it, it’s much softer looking and easier to blend. You can use your 1st bronzer colour to do this step, I just like to use the Charlotte Tilbury one because I think it adds more warmth to the skin. So press the product up and under the cheek bone and then blend, again use some decent pressure so you can buff the bronzer out to keep it from looking like a stripe.

Step 4 -  Take the Bobbi Brown Blush Brush (or any small fluffy brush) and grab a wee bit of your chosen highlighter on top of your cheek bones, in the corners of the eye (against the side of the nose), tip of the nose, along the cupids bow and depending on the style of makeup, under the brow.

If any areas look too “obvious” then take your bronzer brush and wipe all the product off, use it to blend out those bits. If your still unsure, then take a few selfies at different angles so you can see what your side profile looks like.
The best advice I can give you for contouring is to blend! And start off really light and soft to get the hang of where to place your products before diving in there all heavy handed first off.
I hope you found this a little bit helpful!

Meags xx