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Meagan Rawlings


Rosenthal Skincare was started 4 years ago by Michelle Cook, who has a lovely, tranquil beauty room in Herne Bay, where I was lucky enough to enjoy a Rosenthal 'Facial' last weekend. I say 'Facial' because this is what it's called on the website, but really it's nothing like a Facial, yet it's far more relaxing and beneficial for your well being - with some added anti-ageing benefits.

So I'm calling it the Rosenthal Full Relaxation Experience because that's what it was. The relaxation bit starts immediately with a hot foot bath, Michelle explains that there's something about putting your feet in water which instantly grounds you and has a soothing effect. Regardless of if you have been rushing around like a crazy lady all day or not - this is a delicious way to start.

Then once you're tucked in on the bed Michelle gently works over your face, head and neck pressing on pressure points along the Meridian Pathways. These pathways are where energy flows, however, they tend to become blocked due to stress and tension being held in the face.  Women especially hold a huge amount of tension in their faces, how many of you unknowingly clench your jaw, grind your teeth at night, frown a lot, squint at a computer screen all day and get tension headaches?

So how does anti-ageing fit in to this? As Michelle works over these Meridian Pathways she is releasing the blockages, in fact one side effect as energy is released is your stomach gurgles - mine started to do so instantly! With these blockages removed and the energy is once again free flowing, the muscles in the face relax and the hardness softens. How often do you look in the mirror and the person staring back doesn't even look like you? Especially during stressful times in your life. Michelle explains that you begin to look like you again, the glow comes back to your skin, your eyes have that sparkle and the contours of your face move back to where they should be.

It isn't a one stop quick fix, although I felt like I was walking on a cloud afterwards, Michelle recommends a session a week for a month and then monthly sessions after that for maintenance. If you are someone who usually books in a massage when you need to relax I would recommend giving this a try instead!

For every facial booking ( 30min,45min or 60min) before the end of July that mentions my blog, you get to choose two Rosenthal skincare minis from the signature range - free ( to collect at the time of your facial). To get in contact with Michelle phone her on 021 088 30942 or email  Facebook Rosenthal Skincare Instagram @rosenthal_skincare