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Meagan Rawlings

It's about time I did a proper review on Little Honey seeing as how I have had it in my makeup kit all season for use on my Brides when dreaded spray tan disasters occurred... there were many. As well as being the best fake tan out it is also incredible at fixing fake tan faux pas (there was a better f word but probs not appropriate!) hence why I carry it in my kit!

There are a myriad of fake tans on the market at varying price points and it can be a minefield choosing a good one. I thought the easiest way to explain how good it was, was let you make your own comparisons against previous tanning products you've tried. Here is a list of pros, amazingly I couldn't think of a single con!

Flawless Bronzing Kit RRP $50 includes 120ml Flawless Bronzing Mist and Flawless Blending Glove

* The 120ml bottle provided me with 12 (or more?) full body applications, that equals about $4 per tan.

* It has a pleasant vanilla/honey scent - no nasty fake tan smells here.

* It has a very small amount of transfer onto your sheets if you don't manage to wash the excess off before bed.

* The packaging is to die for, I love how it looks sitting on my vanity in the bathroom.

* When I use it I hold my glove hand in the basin when spritzing the mist so there is minimal mess to clean up.

* My hand doesn't get covered in fake tan because the glove is lined with thin plastic.

* It doesn't wear off in patches! This is a biggie for me as I think there's nothing worse than going patchy for the next week after your application. This means if you need to re tan a few days later, just use a scrub in the shower like normal and re apply.

* The bottle is nice and compact, easy to travel with.

* It's made in NZ, is free from Parabens and is cruelty free.

* It dries in seconds and doesn't go sticky!

So many positives and zero negatives, it's no wonder Priceline in Australia snapped it up to stock throughout their stores the minute they saw it. It will be available in OZ from the 22nd August and will be sold in all 400+ Pricelines. In NZ you can buy from selected retailers and on the website