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Skin Blog - Makeup by Meags - Meagan Rawlings, Freelance Makeup Artist, Auckland


Meagan Rawlings

I have been on the hunt for the past few weeks for a new facial oil, ideally one that isn't full of synthetic substances. I tell you, there are loads of beautiful boutique NZ skincare brands out there which is awesome to see! I'm not entirely sure how I found The Botanic Alchemist but I'm so glad I did.

They sell 3 products - Cleansing Oil, Exfoliating Powder + Masque and the Facial Elixir. The thing that caught my eye was the incredible ingredients list which certainly stood out compared to everything else I had looked at. I bought the Facial Elixir and Exfoliating Powder + Masque to try and the lovely Paula from The Botanic Alchemist popped in a sample of the Cleansing Oil too, so I have reviewed all 3 products below.

Cleansing Oil $35.95

I love to use a cleansing oil to wash my face because it breaks down makeup and cleanses your skin without disrupting the precious acid mantle which protects your skin.  This ensures better hydration and with the acid mantle left intact your less likely to suffer from skin irritation and breakouts caused by bacteria. The thing I love about this cleansing oil is the subtle lemon scent and it's ability to remove all my makeup, if you haven't used a cleansing oil before please note you do generally need to use a soft face cloth to remove it, especially if you are removing makeup.

Ingredients - Sweet Almond Oil*, Hazelnut Oil, Aloe Vera Oil*, Castor Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Vitamin E, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Blood Orange Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, May Chang Essential Oil*. *Organic Ingredient

Exfoliating Powder + Masque $29.95

When it has ingredients like Moroccan Clay, Pineapple Powder and Pumpkin Powder, how could I not give this a try. It's a dry, loose powder that you add water to in the palm of your hand. Use as a mask to help draw out impurities or massage all over to exfoliate off dead skin cells. The texture is super fine and won't scratch your skin.

Ingredients - Rhassoul Clay (Moroccan Clay), Organic Rice Powder, Colloidal Oatmeal, Coconut Milk Powder, Pineapple Powder, Pumpkin Powder, Grape Seed Extract.

Facial Elixir $49.95

I feel like I've hit a gold mine with this Facial Elixir, it's just so beautifully luxurious. I have seen such a big difference in my skin since using it, my skin is much more hydrated, glowing and my scarring from breakouts has diminished. It feels incredibly nourishing and healing for my skin and the added bonus is it has such a mild smell which is not always the way with natural products. Super impressed! There is 15 gorgeous mineral and essential oils packed into this bottle, what a steal for under $50.

Ingredients - Gotu Kola, Calendula, Marshmallow Infused Sunflower Oil*, Safflower Oil*, Apricot Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Hemp Seed Oil*, Marula Oil*, Rosehip Oil*, Pomegranate Oil, Evening Primrose Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Vitamin E, Carrot Seed Essential Oil*, Neroli Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil*, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil*. *Organic Ingredient