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Skin Blog - Makeup by Meags - Meagan Rawlings, Freelance Makeup Artist, Auckland


Meagan Rawlings

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While there are a rare few who are genetically blessed with perfect skin, if you’re anything like me you need to put in a fair bit of effort to achieve great results (am I right?!). If your skin is playing up and nothing seems to be working, 9 times out of 10 it comes down to the quality of your diet. I suggest asking yourself: am I drinking enough water? Am I stressed? Beautiful skin starts on the inside.

To help you achieve beautiful skin on the outside, though, I’ve made it super easy and categorized the skin into three types: hydrated, dehydrated and dry. Very few adults have a ‘true’ oily skin yet so many people use products that are far too harsh (Clearasil or Garnier, anyone?). Dehydrated skin is probably the most common, with 90% of faces I do makeup on lacking moisture. Dry skin is quite common, too, and it can be hard to find products that nourish dry skin properly.

Here are some details on each category along with my personal product recommendations. I’ve also added a section for breakouts, which can be particularly annoying during change-of-season!

HYDRATED - Your skin is most likely quite even in colour and you don’t get super oily or dry. Your skin feels plump and has a glow to it.

Product recommendations - Keihls Ultra Facial Cream or Lotion

                                             - Kiehls Calendula Facial Toner

                                             - Eve Lom Cleanser

                                             - Perricone MD Eye Cream


DEHYDRATERD - If you work in air conditioning, chances are you’re dehydrated. First, make sure you drink loads of water throughout the day. If you’re not working in air-con, you still could be dehydrated, or more commonly described as “combination” skin type. You may suffer from dryness (in the morning) and get oily (3pm) throughout the day, especially in the T-Zone. Don’t mistake an oily T-Zone for oily skin! The problem with products for ‘combination’ skin is that they are often oil free and don’t add much hydration, which actually can exacerbate the problem by stripping the precious oil mantle that protects your skin. Don’t be afraid of skincare containing oils, they are extremely healing and balancing for the skin.                                                     Product recommendations - Janesce Rose Cleanser

                                            - Janesce Perfecting Gel

                                           - Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream

                                           - Antipodes Kiwi Seed oil eye cream


DRY - Your skin probably feels like the Sahara Desert, there ain’t a drop of oil in sight. Skin like this needs extra love and care because it tends to be thinner and ages faster. Try and get more healthy fats into your diet such as Avocado, Coconut oil and some good quality Fish oil capsules.

Products recommendations - La Mer Cream

                                               - Elemental Herbology Cleansing Balm

                                               - Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream


Breakouts - Pimples are a common occurrence and can appear for a variety of reasons. Make sure you remove all makeup before bed and still wash your face even if you wore nothing that day, it’s amazing the amount of dirt and grime that accumulates. Something I see quite often is ladies complaining about getting breakouts in areas of the face they usually wouldn’t get them. Upon asking when the last time they washed their foundation brush or sponge it’s normally not often! If you have breakouts and use a foundation brush/ sponge, wash it with hand soap before putting it back on your face the next day or you will most likely spread the bacteria everywhere. If you do get breakouts, please don’t buy acne fighting face wash as it will not only dry the crap out of the pimples but your entire face too. Try to just spot treat, I like to use a soaked cotton tip with a tiny amount of tea tree oil to dab on spots.


Skincare is such a tricky thing, huh? We all know skin can change day-to-day so if in doubt, ask an expert for advice. If you have any skin concerns or tips to share, comment below.


Meags xx