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Meagan Rawlings

I never even knew Organic colour existed in professional hair salons until recently. Actually, I had never thought too much into hair colour in general - although that's a WHOLE other blog post (Just know there is a very good reason why it's advised you don't colour your hair with conventional hair colour whilst pregnant - eek!).

A few weeks back I was invited into Off The Fringe Hair Salon in Howick to learn all about Organic Colour Systems (OCS) which is the range of Organic colour they use. It was super interesting and there is so much more to it than what I could write about in this blog post but hopefully you will get the gist of it. First off yes, you can still go blonde! It's ammonia free, cruelty free and the whole system of hair colour and the products to go with it is made with 95% natural ingredients with 60% being Certified Organic.

To get your hair coloured at Off The Fringe is such an incredible experience, the integrity of the hair is "measured" at every phase via a 'wet stretch test' which enables you to visibly see the progress your hair is making along the way. The aim is to create a healthier head of hair first before colouring to ensure a longer lasting colour. My hair went from being super brittle and breaking on the ends to being able to stretch without breaking just by using the protein building Shampoo, Treatment and Conditioner Bridget prescribed for my hair. 

Once the hair is in tip top condition then the colouring starts. A big difference with OCS and standard hair colour is that OCS doesn't damage the hair shaft. The cuticles on the hair shaft are gently levered open, the colour weaves itself inside and then the cuticles are closed back up. This means the colour doesn't escape through damaged cuticles and ensures a richer colour for longer. Sounds too good to be true!

The attention to detail and care taken to colour their clients hair at Off The Fringe is second to none, I highly recommend you check them out for a top quality, non-toxic alternative. I have put together a wee list below of other salons around the country that use Organic Colour Systems just in case your not in Auckland and are interested in making the switch.

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Off The Fringe


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Rachel Haworth Styling

LOWER HUTT, Wellington

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