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I don't know about you but prior to my "natural, ethical, organic epiphany" I struggled with deodorants. Like, I just smelled real bad. It felt like deodorants were amplifying the smell rather than concealing it and I also felt like I was the sweatiest person ever. As well as that, there was also this underlying feeling that surely stopping a natural bodily function (sweating) which helps to eliminate toxins, by adding more toxins on top, couldn't be healthy...

So with the new direction of my blog, research into natural deodorants ensued. Now, even though I am a strong advocate for changing to non-toxic alternatives, I'm still the biggest skeptic (I know!?), but thank fuck I keep getting proved wrong or this would be one awkward blog ha ha.

Back to the deo's, I tried a hell of a lot and I found that the awesome thing about natural deo companies is that nearly all of them sell sample sizes to try which is super handy! I have listed the ones below which are worth having a look at.

Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste

First and foremost this is hands down the best deo ever, better than any conventional one. You literally do not smell! One down side though is it contains Baking Soda and some people react to that - I am one of them. If I use it for more than a few days in a row then I get a rash, not a sore one, just little red dots. So I keep this for times when I think I might be sweating more than usual. 

Ethique Glow Solid Deodorant - Lavender & Vanilla

This is my current day-to-day deo. It's pretty damn good and I think it's waay better than a conventional one (rexona, nivea etc). It comes in a solid bar which means there's no plastic packaging and makes it a super eco friendly option. The best thing about this one (or all the natural deo's actually) is you can reapply later in the day if needed and it makes you smell 100% fresh again. I used to find if I did this with ol Rexona then it would just mix with the BO smell and it was just bad times all round.

The Free Range Natural Deodorants

This is another awesome NZ brand (as is Ethique) and they have a range of choices - even a dedicated man deo. I really loved using the Active Deo but because it contains Sodium Bicarb I got a rash. They do have options for sensitive skin though which is great!

The Herb Farm Roll On Deodorant

This would probably be the closest thing to your rexona, nivea, dove or whatever in terms of application and anti-smell factor. I use this on the odd occasion too, because why not mix it up when you've purchased 6 different deo's to try ha ha. It takes a wee bit longer to dry but once it does it works pretty good.

What you may notice is that none of these deo's say 'antiperspirant' in the name. This concerned me initially (sweatiest person alive and all that) but I found that when I wasn't blocking my sweat glands with aluminum and other shit, that I sweat waaay less now? Go Figure!