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Meagan Rawlings

It's a minefield out there when it comes to primers, every brand does one. It's only through trial and error that I have ended up with my two 'holy grails', and I would be hard pressed to find better ones (suggestions welcomed!).

What is a primer and what is it meant to do?

A primer goes on after your skincare and before your foundation. It is a product which should help your foundation to go on smoothly and most importantly last longer than if you didn't use one. In my experience I have found many primers don't do these two things which is why I think there is so much confusion surrounding this particular product.

How do you apply primer and how much do you use?

When applying primer on myself I find using my fingers is best. I dot the primer on my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin before using my hands to rub it all over. You want a thin layer coating the entire face, I take mine right up under my eyes and over my eyelids because I put foundation and eye makeup here too. I have found when talking to clients that a lot of people probably don't put enough on and this could be why primers don't seem to do much for some of you. Your face should have a silky feel to it afterwards (in general this is how most primers feel, even the matte ones). Now go ahead and apply your foundation and see if you notice a difference.

My Recommendations

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer

Seriously this primer is amazing! I use this with a lot of my clients because it dramatically increases the longevity of the foundation, so your makeup stays looking good for longer. I got lazy recently and stopped using a primer on myself , then I used it the other day and was "re- wowed" at how good my makeup looked in the arvo when usually half of it had worn off.  A little goes a long way with this primer too. This is where I buy mine from here

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer

I am a little reluctant to recommend this as it's not easily available to get in NZ. As far as I know the only way to get it is if your heading overseas or if you use a company such as YouShop who forward on your order. BUT it is absolutely worth the struggle to get hold of it. This is the best primer if your wanting beautiful , glowy skin. The thing that impresses me with this one is that it has a dewy finish yet it isn't greasy, so it also extends the wear of your foundation. I don't know another dewy primer that can do both those jobs. There is certainly a reason why some of the top makeup artists in the world use this!