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Meagan Rawlings

If any of you have had a look at my 'Services' page you would have seen my Signature Service - The Makeup Drawer Makeover, this is by far my favourite thing to do with my clients so I thought I would elaborate on it a bit further.

After working in retail on cosmetic counters for a number of years, it became apparent that many women had plenty of makeup at home yet continued to purchase more new makeup products. I came to realise that so many ladies buy makeup products only to get home and find that the colour is wrong for them or they don't actually know how to use it properly. After doing a Makeup Drawer Makeover with a friend of mine she told me that it was the first time she had actually been shown how to apply her foundation, and of course most of the time you do just teach yourself along the way and no one knows their own face better than themselves.

The other comments I often came across was "I'm stuck in a rut and do the same thing every day" or " I want to make more of an effort but I don't know how or where to start". The difference with this service compared to just a standard makeup lesson is that we use your own products where we can, which means you are already familiar with the product and afterwards you can see how awesome it can actually look when applied in a certain way. I find this is much more beneficial to using an entire face of new products, because how do you re create the look again when I'm gone?

So, the MDM was created to help those in need and in the comfort of their own home - no scary makeup counters or sales people here! Here is an overview of what the MDM includes.

- First off, I send through a brief questionnaire prior to your MDM to give me a better idea of what it is you want to gain from our session. This means no time is wasted when I arrive!

- We will start by looking at your every day makeup and skincare routine. Then we work methodically through everything else putting aside any dodgy looking suspects and whittling it down to the best of the best. If you don't have much makeup to begin with that is absolutely fine, there is absolutely no judgement here. I always say if I didn't do this for a job I would literally have BB Cream and mascara and that's it! Also I bring along my makeup kit and brushes so if there is anything missing from your routine we can substitute it with something of mine and give you the complete experience.

- Then is the fun bit! I take you through a full makeup lesson using your own products where we can, so you can learn how to use what you already own better. This is done step by step with me demonstrating on one side of your face and you having a go at the other side (don't worry I always make sure both sides look even before I leave :P)

- After the lesson is complete I email through a list of the products used (if we used any of mine) and a step by step "how to" of the look I created for you. This serves as a guide to refer back to if you get stuck.

You are also free to email me at anytime to ask for advice on any makeup items you are thinking of purchasing or just anything beauty related :) All in all it takes about 2 hours, is thoroughly in-depth and all my clients are left feeling excited and positive about applying their own makeup. The makeup looks I create are tailored to each client and are always super simple to re-create yourself, but they look as though you have done something much more complicated than what you have - who doesn't want that!?

If your interested in booking in for your own Makeup Drawer Makeover (they also make for a great gift!) email me at and I look forward to meeting you.