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Meagan Rawlings

Here is a round up of what I'm loving at the moment...

NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee

This is the perfect nude gloss. That alone would be enough to make me buy this but wait there's more! It smells absolutely delicious, kind of like... Creme Brulee? It is also super moisturing which means it's very comfortable to wear, perfect for anyone who suffers from super dry lips.

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid

I'm not a massive lip colour wearer due to the before mentioned dry lips BUT these liquid lipsticks are amazing. Incredibly pigmented and extremely comfortable to wear. Unlike most other liquid lipsticks which set and dry your lips into shriveled prunes, this one doesn't actually dry down like that. The only thing is that it means it isn't transfer proof but I don't really care.

Abbey Rose Room Spray

Abbey Rose is a beautiful, luxurious scented candle brand from NZ. They also do diffusers and room sprays like the one I have, it's scent is Pomegranate Noir and it is delicious. Literally one spritz fills a room with yumminess for hours, I like to use this when it's just me at home rather than burn my scented candles (which I burn when clients are round) because I feel like I'm wasting them otherwise.

Great Barrier Island Bee Co. Intensive Hand and Nail Cream

Well that was a mouthful! I was given a mini one of these in the Manuka Honey scent recently and have actually used it all the time. I'm not big on hand creams usually as I hate the sliminess, especially if I'm wearing rings. This wee guy though hard core moisturizes and absorbs really quick, it's more like a silicone type feeling afterwards so your hands just feel super soft and smell amazing.

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot - Groundwork

I'm sure you would have seen me mention this in my makeup tutorials numerous times as a base for under eyeshadows. The colour is perfectly neutral and it doesn't crease, which is great considering most of the Paint Pot colours do. I use this on the daily.

Little Honey Flawless Bronzing Kit

This is hands down the best fake tan on the market! And it's made in little old NZ. In summer I am lucky enough to get a pretty decent natural tan without trying so I had never worried too much about fake tanning, however, the times that I did were horrible and I was patchy and unnaturally orange. I was amazed at the beautiful golden colour of Little Honey and more than anything, the evenness of it - no patches here! This could have something to do with the super luxurious Mitt that comes in the Kit which blends everything out effortlessly. Highly recommend!