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Meagan Rawlings

So why do you need makeup brushes? Because they make makeup applying life 100% easier! Brushes do all of the work for you, once you get the hang of how to hold the brush properly and how much pressure to use (which just takes practice) then you'll finally be able to achieve a more polished makeup look. Here are some of my favourites;


As you might have read in my previous blogs I am a big fan of the XO Beauty Flat Top Face Brush for applying my foundation. It disperses the product so easily and you literally buff it in using little circles all over your face, no skills required!

The other awesome tool I use is a Beauty Blender, you don’t need to have both the brush and the Beauty Blender but i like to apply my foundation with a brush and then go over everything with a damp beauty blender to ensure a super flawless finish. If you feel like your foundation always looks too obvious on your face then a Beauty Blender is for you.


There are two bronzer brushes I like to use for slightly different things. The Morphe Dual Fiber Powder Brush is perfect for softly defining under the cheek bones, adding some warmth around the edge of the face and great for taking bronzer down the neck to connect the colour of the face to the chest. The Zoeva Luxe Cheek Finish Brush is what I use to get more of a contoured look without the harsh lines, perfect for pushing up bronzer under the cheek bones to make them pop. The soft fluffy hairs blend out the edges automatically, nobody wants brown stripes on their face!


The Bobbi Brown Blush Brush is probably my favourite brush to use, it’s super soft and luxurious. The first one I bought 8 years ago is still in amazing condition! I use this for applying blush on the apples of the cheek as well as my highlighter. I know there's lots of brushes out there specifically for highlighting but I prefer my blush brush. This is definitely a splurge purchase but it will be a worthwhile investment as you will probably never have to replace it.


The Anastasia Beverly Hills Large Synthetic Duo Brush #12 is amazing, the brush is perfect in shape and size plus it has the spooly on the other end to brush through your brow product. I use this with ABH Dipbrow Pomade which is a cream. I really need to get another one as I also use this brush for gel liner too.


So as mentioned above the Anastasia Beverly Hills Large Synthetic Duo Brush #12 is also the perfect gel liner brush. Trust me, do yourself a favour and buy one!


Personally I have a million eyeshadow brushes in all shapes and sizes, but really you only need 1 or 2. If you're fairly new to eyeshadow then invest in a MAC 217 brush, it’s perfect for putting eyeshadow onto the lid as well as blending out the edges. I created the eye makeup in the picture above with this brush (I used a smaller one for the highlight under my brow) If you're getting adventurous then you could clean it after applying your first eyeshadow and put a different one in the crease. If you are keen to get a second brush I would go for the ZOEVA Luxe Smokey Shader Brush, you can pat eyeshadow on the lid and then use the top edge to run the shadow along your bottom lashes, it’s thin enough that you won’t get the brush in your eyeball.

If you've been using fingers to apply makeup up until this point that’s totally fine but I guarantee, once you get the hang of using a brush instead you will never look back! Comment below if you need any advice on brushes :)