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Meagan Rawlings

Perfect winged liner is what I would consider the Holy Grail of make-up. Its one of the hardest things to master, so don’t give up if you haven’t quite perfected it yet (I certainly have my off days!).

Before you get started, I suggest having a read through my tips below:

1    Know your eye shape.
This look is great for most, but not all eye shapes. Those with a more ‘hooded’ eye should go for a different style of liner. Draw your eyeliner from the inner-most lash and finish it at your outer-most lash.

 2    Steer clear of liquid eyeliner.
It’s super dark, and creates a really harsh line. Sure- its great if you can apply it perfectly, but if not imperfections will stand out like a sore thumb. Not ideal. It’s also really messy and hard to clean up.

3    Start with a blank canvas.
Do your winged liner BEFORE applying your eyeshadow. Once you have your liner looking good, apply you eyeshadow on top and darken up the line afterwards. I would even recommend doing this before the rest of your makeup just in case you need to fix it up.

4    Choose your liner well.
I use a gel liner (I love Bobbi Brown) or a matte eyeshadow. Using these products means you have to have the right brush (I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brow/Eyeliner brush #12).

5    Practise makes perfect.
Master an eyeshadow as a liner before working with gel. I recommend starting with a dark brown. Apply a ‘draft’ line in dry eyeshadow first (its super easy to wipe off and start again). Next, you can apply a layer of wet eyeshadow by dampening your brush to deepen the colour and give a more precise line. Once you’re feeling confident with this, move on to gel for a more long-wearing look.

6    Application is key.
When applying liner, make sure the liner is as close to your lash line as possible. There should be no gap between your lashes and liner.

Now for the fun part. Here’s how I apply winged liner.
I free hand my liner, but some prefer to use tape to help get a precise line. You’ll figure out in time your own way of applying liner, including the angle and tools that work best for you. But to start, I suggest grabbing some cellotape, and angled brush (ABH), gel liner, matte eyeshadow, concealer and a concealer brush.

Conceal your eyelid and set it with a pressed powder.
Take a piece of tape and place it under your bottom lashes and angled towards your temple (have a look at the picture below). The exact angle depends on your eye shape and it might take a few goes to work out what looks best.

Draw your line along your top lashes, I like to draw almost half onto my lashes to make sure there is no gap. Then draw right across to the tape and up the tape as far as you want the flick to be. Then from the top of the flick you want to draw back down toward the lash line finishing about 1/4 of the way in from the outer lash. This creates a bit of a triangle, fill it in with your liner.

 If you need to sharpen up the point on the end of the flick then use a tiny bit of concealer/foundation on a concealer brush to gently run along the bottom edge of the flick. You can manipulate the line slightly and it really tidies it up.

Do the rest of your makeup and finish with a few generous coats of mascara.


Meags xx