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Meagan Rawlings

258. The number of toxins I have now cut out from my EVERY DAY Beauty Routine!!! Sometimes it can feel super overwhelming thinking about the amount of beauty products you use and therefore, the amount of potential toxins present. Hopefully my personal guide of what I use will help you out! These are all non toxic and mostly all natural products.

Toothpaste - Red Seal Lemon Toothpaste SLS FREE (make sure it says this on the box)

Deodorant - Ethique Glow Solid Deo, Schmidts Geranium Sensitive Deo

Liquid Hand Soap - Eco Store

Bar of Soap - Eco Store

Body Wash - Ethique Spearmint & Peppermint Creme Body Wash Bar

Face Wash - LoveSkin Tui Oil - Purifying Cleansing Oil, Bees Brilliance Manuka Foaming Cleanser

Face Scrub - I just use a flannel or The Botanic Alchemist Exfoliating Powder + Masque

Face Mask - Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask, The Little Alchemist Cacao & Banana Face Glow

Toner - The Moa Body Range Hocus Pocus Toning Mist

Serum - The Moa Body Range Magic Touch Healing Serum , The Little Alchemist Ultra C Radiance Serum, Bees Brilliance Instant Hydra Firming Shot

Eye Cream - You don't need to use an eye cream when you're using facial oils!

Moisturiser - The Botanic Alchemist Facial Elixir, Essence of Humanity Extraordinary Facial Oil, Vanessa Megan White Tea Antioxidant Day Cream

Eye Makeup Remover - Inika Organic Makeup Remover Oil and also Inika Organic Micellar Cleansing Rosewater

Shampoo - Organic Colour Systems Shampoo

Conditioner - Ethique Wonder Bar

Dry Shampoo, Hair Oil and Sea Salt Spray - Botaniq

Body Lotion - Linden Leaves Gold Body Oil

Lip Balm - Hurraw, Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask, Luk Beautifood, Eco Store Mint Lip Balm






Meagan Rawlings

I never even knew Organic colour existed in professional hair salons until recently. Actually, I had never thought too much into hair colour in general - although that's a WHOLE other blog post (Just know there is a very good reason why it's advised you don't colour your hair with conventional hair colour whilst pregnant - eek!).

A few weeks back I was invited into Off The Fringe Hair Salon in Howick to learn all about Organic Colour Systems (OCS) which is the range of Organic colour they use. It was super interesting and there is so much more to it than what I could write about in this blog post but hopefully you will get the gist of it. First off yes, you can still go blonde! It's ammonia free, cruelty free and the whole system of hair colour and the products to go with it is made with 95% natural ingredients with 60% being Certified Organic.

To get your hair coloured at Off The Fringe is such an incredible experience, the integrity of the hair is "measured" at every phase via a 'wet stretch test' which enables you to visibly see the progress your hair is making along the way. The aim is to create a healthier head of hair first before colouring to ensure a longer lasting colour. My hair went from being super brittle and breaking on the ends to being able to stretch without breaking just by using the protein building Shampoo, Treatment and Conditioner Bridget prescribed for my hair. 

Once the hair is in tip top condition then the colouring starts. A big difference with OCS and standard hair colour is that OCS doesn't damage the hair shaft. The cuticles on the hair shaft are gently levered open, the colour weaves itself inside and then the cuticles are closed back up. This means the colour doesn't escape through damaged cuticles and ensures a richer colour for longer. Sounds too good to be true!

The attention to detail and care taken to colour their clients hair at Off The Fringe is second to none, I highly recommend you check them out for a top quality, non-toxic alternative. I have put together a wee list below of other salons around the country that use Organic Colour Systems just in case your not in Auckland and are interested in making the switch.

HOWICK, Auckland

Off The Fringe


Brooklyn Hair


Vertu Hair


Rachel Haworth Styling

LOWER HUTT, Wellington

Ahead With Organics Hair Salon




Akaroa Hair Studio





Meagan Rawlings

I don't know about you but prior to my "natural, ethical, organic epiphany" I struggled with deodorants. Like, I just smelled real bad. It felt like deodorants were amplifying the smell rather than concealing it and I also felt like I was the sweatiest person ever. As well as that, there was also this underlying feeling that surely stopping a natural bodily function (sweating) which helps to eliminate toxins, by adding more toxins on top, couldn't be healthy...

So with the new direction of my blog, research into natural deodorants ensued. Now, even though I am a strong advocate for changing to non-toxic alternatives, I'm still the biggest skeptic (I know!?), but thank fuck I keep getting proved wrong or this would be one awkward blog ha ha.

Back to the deo's, I tried a hell of a lot and I found that the awesome thing about natural deo companies is that nearly all of them sell sample sizes to try which is super handy! I have listed the ones below which are worth having a look at.

Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste

First and foremost this is hands down the best deo ever, better than any conventional one. You literally do not smell! One down side though is it contains Baking Soda and some people react to that - I am one of them. If I use it for more than a few days in a row then I get a rash, not a sore one, just little red dots. So I keep this for times when I think I might be sweating more than usual. 

Ethique Glow Solid Deodorant - Lavender & Vanilla

This is my current day-to-day deo. It's pretty damn good and I think it's waay better than a conventional one (rexona, nivea etc). It comes in a solid bar which means there's no plastic packaging and makes it a super eco friendly option. The best thing about this one (or all the natural deo's actually) is you can reapply later in the day if needed and it makes you smell 100% fresh again. I used to find if I did this with ol Rexona then it would just mix with the BO smell and it was just bad times all round.

The Free Range Natural Deodorants

This is another awesome NZ brand (as is Ethique) and they have a range of choices - even a dedicated man deo. I really loved using the Active Deo but because it contains Sodium Bicarb I got a rash. They do have options for sensitive skin though which is great!

The Herb Farm Roll On Deodorant

This would probably be the closest thing to your rexona, nivea, dove or whatever in terms of application and anti-smell factor. I use this on the odd occasion too, because why not mix it up when you've purchased 6 different deo's to try ha ha. It takes a wee bit longer to dry but once it does it works pretty good.

What you may notice is that none of these deo's say 'antiperspirant' in the name. This concerned me initially (sweatiest person alive and all that) but I found that when I wasn't blocking my sweat glands with aluminum and other shit, that I sweat waaay less now? Go Figure!